Friday, May 3, 2013

Our short "¿Y ESA ES LA BUENA? (And Is That Good?)" is FINALIST in NOTODOFILMFEST 2013 (30 Second Film Festival)

Actors Chus de Castro and David Sancho shooting "¿Y Esa Es La Buena?(And Is That Good?" directed by Olga Ruano and Chus de Castro

-Short  among "The Best Shorts of Triple Destilación Notodofilmfest
LINK of  "¿Y Esa Es La Buena? (And Is That Good?)":

-Our short "Lovely Day" also in competition in NotodoFilmFest 2013 (30 Second Film Festival):

-BOTH ALSO HERE in: Chus de Castro's Vimeo and Youtube Channel:

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