Sunday, November 24, 2013


The short film Love Crisis by Chus de Castro and Olga Ruano was released yesterday at the Cines Dreams Palacio de Hielo of Madrid "Cortopatía" (Spain) and won the "Audience Award" there and "Jury's Special Award" in Film Festival in Argentina.

The 22nd November 2013, it was held the official release of the short film Love Crisis by Chus de Castro and Olga Ruano at the Cines Dreams Palacio de Hielo of Madrid (CORTOPATÍA). 

At the end of this session, the members of the audience attending to the event could vote for their favorite short film. Eventually, the "Audience Award" went to the short film Love Crisis by Chus de Castro & Olga Ruano.
Besides of the two directors, almost all members of crew and casting attended yesterday to the premiere of Love Crisis.

AND also, that very same day, Love Crisis won "Jury's Special Award" at the "Certamen Internacional de Cortometrajes Roberto di Chiara" (Argentina).

Love Crisis also won "Jury's Special Award" at the "XXI Sguardi Altrove Film Festival" (Milan, Italy). 

Love Crisis has received so far more than 50 nominations at Film Festivals worldwide.

Monday, October 28, 2013


Olga Ruano/Chus de Castro

Our main goal with our short LOVE CRISIS was to spread a message filled with hope regarding the worldwide financial crisis. We didn’t want to talk about politics but about real life. Right from the start, the aim of the screenwriter (Chus de Castro who is also the co-director and co-star of this film) was just to address this issue with her own distinctive voice, never forgetting about all the suffering and the horrible effects of this devastating crisis, but trying to stay positive in order to get through this difficult period. We truly believe that we need inspirational stories, now more than ever. People need to feel identified with inspirational ideas and messages.

Love Crisis is a XXI Century story, it is fun and sad, simple and deep, short but with a never ending epilogue. It is a story inside another story. It talks about the effects of economic crisis through the romantic crisis of a couple, since all kinds of crises begin and end in a very similar way. In fact, once it has started, no matter what the origin was, the only way to get over it is working together to defend a common cause, whatever it might be...whether it is a relationship or a whole country.

We are very sure that audiences will also appreciate all the nuances, messages, metaphors and symbols of this story, such as our turtles based on Darwin's Theory of Evolution of “Surviving is adapting”. People will have fun with our particular sense of humour which is, needless to say, key in all kinds of critical moments and, at the end, they will surely give some thought to what they watched since the epilogue of Love Crisis is not only about our two protagonists, but also about every single one of us. 

We really hope you like it.

TEASER of upcoming short film "Love Crisis", directed by Olga Ruano and Chus de Castro.

CAST: Chus de Castro, Pablo de la Chica, Cristina de Anta, Assumpta Serna (Special appearance)

SCREENPLAY: Chus de Castro.

ACTING COACH: Assumpta Serna.


SOUND: Fernando Espinosa

PRODUCERS: Olga Ruano, Chus de Castro, Assumpta Serna, Scott Cleverdon.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

"El Secreto de Puente Viejo"(TV series)

In this link there are several video frames: There is the main video (the bigger one) and, under that one, there are little video frames, so, in order to watch one of my scenes (the most watched TV moment of that day in Spain), you must click on the fourth frame called "Aurora y Tristán claves en el parto de Remedios":